Bringing innovative development in Africa.


Railway constructors meet with law makers at the Speaker’s Chambers at the National Assembly in 2011.Mr Sheriff Baldeh CEO – SOFORA ITECH standing first on the right.


Our Vision is to connect the rural areas of The Gambia with a secure broadband network, providing internet access to all on an equal footing. This we hope will help reduce the poverty rate or even eradicate it in providing all products and services that are only known to be accessible  in urban settings.


The CAFE (or coffee) in its grammatical interpretation is mostly grown in Africa and has also been an important product in developing countries hence its symbolic use as a rendezvous point for easy access to information technology products and services i.e internet cafe.

We intend to make ICT accessible to all habitations in rural Gambia by creating clusters of ICT centres that serve within a limited area.  In the realization of this aim we decided to bring together financiers and rural municipalities to first address the housing infrastructure to respectable standards with good road networks that would make the distribution of internet networks easier.

With the connectivity of the rural areas possible, we will bring to life the rarely enjoyed products that were only unique to urban settings in these ICT centres . These are social media products like Wedding cards, Birthday cards, invitation cards, billboards, graphic learning materials to demystify the learning process and simplify it in a way that would allow all and sundry to embrace education as a daily routine of life.