Bringing innovative development in Africa.


Upcoming Projects

  1. Planning a West Africa corridor railway line linking all the ECOWAS member states.
  2. Housing development for rural Gambia with modern and affordable environmentally friendly building products.
  3. Agro-forestry in Guinea Bissau; preserving our flora and fauna.
  4. Health and Nutrition for rural dwellers and schools.


sierraleoneIn this project, we intend to collaborate with the government to lay along the rail line a broad band fibre optic line that is networked throughout the country bringing cutting edge technology to all and sundry all over Sierra Leone.  This country has been connected to The Gambia in many ways, as it was colonised by the same and also doubled as its first learning cradle.


In Guinea Bissau, we are trying to bring local NGOs with international development agencies together to reforest the country’s thick forest cover that has been heavily reduced by logging of timber.  As our main target is the rural folks, we intend to engage in a massive sensitization and education campaigns on the importance of our ecosystem and the environment in general.

One region in the south of the country has been identified to start with and then move on to the more devastated areas.


agroIn 2012 the CEO Mr Sheriff Baldeh successfully mentored a women’s group in URR Basse Samba Taco under the leadership of one Sainey Kanuteh to introduce Moringa powder production to supplement their nutritional needs and as a fertilizer. This project was financed by the American Embassy in The Gambia in the same year.

Another project was designed to help bring bio medical diagnostic services to the rural towns the following letter was written to me to help realize this objective.

In Kombo South we intend to amplify the URR Moringa pilot in the community of Kartong that is already a well organised Community based organization (CBO ).